Nearly There!

I have the roof on and covered in straw. It is raining outside and dry inside. I have had great fun creating the kitchen. It is so much easier to build with mud that wood and all the tools and measuring required. The walls are nearly all plastered and painted with red clay/lime. It looks … More Nearly There!

Off the Shoulder

I have done something to my left shoulder so I have to rest. Oh no! I am so near to reaching the roof. But I must listen to my body, and the experts, who say stop. I think that there is a reason for this stoppage. Perhaps I will come up with some brilliant new … More Off the Shoulder

Plastering is Fun

Plastering when you have the right consistency feels amazing. Here, I sieved the earth and mixed in straw and built the fireplace, then added the decoration. Later, I painted it with liquid mud and lime. Now I have a cast iron stove in the hearth and it keeps me cosy in the winter and looks … More Plastering is Fun

Earth Plastering

We had a good morning getting very muddy plastering the walls of Gail’s house. It was lovely to spray ourselves while spraying the walls as it was very hot. I think it is time to put the roof on and then we can work in the shade.  The plaster had cracked so we were painting … More Earth Plastering

Some Muddy Pictures

This is how I began my house. I made a circle (the easiest shape to do accurately) and dug the trench, then put in the drainage tube and gravel before building the foundations using stones I had found nearby, mortared with lime/sand. It’s been a great journey.

Mad About Mud

If you have never got your hands and feet (and your whole body!) in wet sticky mud then you may not understand what this madness is about. When it is mixed up and silky soft and it flows through my fingers and toes it feels heavenly. When I apply it to walls, either while I … More Mad About Mud