Some Muddy Pictures

This is how I began my house. I made a circle (the easiest shape to do accurately) and dug the trench, then put in the drainage tube and gravel before building the foundations using stones I had found nearby, mortared with lime/sand.

It’s been a great journey.


8 thoughts on “Some Muddy Pictures

  1. Loved your video Veronica! Thanks. You’ve re inspired me so much,and given me new hope that I will build my own cab house in the not too distant future. Am I right in thinking you are in Portugal? I’d live to visit if I could make it happen! x


    1. Thank you for your message.
      You are welcome to visit.
      Yes, about half way between Lisboa and Faro.
      Email me when you can come and perhaps you will be lucky enough to have a go as I am building the kitchen.
      Meanwhile, keep dreaming!


      1. Thanks for your reply Veronica, and your kind invitation! I’m following me our blog now and I hope to be in touch,maybe not immediately but sometime in the near future.
        Have fun with the kitchen! 🙂


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